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Commenting: Initial status for project, it's an idea people are commenting on

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Update #1


  • Figured out how to push code from staging to production.
  • Added Chat link to top
  • Added some resources to resource page.

New Todos:

  • Trying to figure out how to update the cover photo. I would like to make the cover photo dynamic so it changes based on time of day and weather.
  • Updated the "Meetup" area so the check in makes more sense.
  • Need to also add a message to the user when the "chat" link is clicked that explains they need to ask for a sign up link in order to use the CfC Slack.
  • Need to change the logo (we can't use the Town of Cary seal) and use it in the main area.

Existing Todos:

  • Add Project Member dialog is looking for members user name, not actual name. Should be able to search by either.
  • Convert logo to SVG.
  • Would be cool if we could sync logins between Slack, Meetup, and Laddr.

Posted on by Juan Orozco